Kamoeba is a SAP Consulting Company with a team of expert generalists, collectively able to understand and deliver solutions based on an extremely wide range of products and technologies (from Unix to SAP to IBM to C to Java
 to Python to Microsoft). We combine this knowledge with our extensive SAP experience to enable us to deliver what others cannot. Where a solution does not exist, we will build it.

This large skill set beyond our core SAP technology, allows us to adjust to different customer environments and easily understand their requirements. This also allows us to design effective client-focused solutions.  Being a truly rare breed of integration consultants, we are capable of solving the toughest integration problems out there and can build products and solutions that fill the gaps that vendors have in their software offerings. The delivery model is focused on providing holistic solutions that deliver tangible value.

We have the ability to give honest objective recommendations aligned with customer needs. Delivering value is our highest priority, therefore we partner with customers to enable and allow self-sufficiency to be built from within their organisation. This results in projects delivered on-time, within budget that provide a long-term benefit to the organisation.